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We print CD covers to industry standards to fit standard CD cases. Whether it is for music or software. There are four types of CD covers.    

1.  4.75”X4.75” - Single panel CD covers

2.  4.75”X9.5” - Two panel CD cover

3.  4.75’X14.125” -  Three Panel CD covers

On Three panel CD covers, we offer two methods of folding:

  • Tri-Fold CD covers
  • Z-fold CD covers. Please see the above illustration.

           4.  4.75”X19” – Four panel CD covers

           On Four panel CD Covers, we offer three methods of folding:

  • Accordion folded CD covers
  • Double parallel CD covers
  • Roll folded CD cover Please see the above illustration.

All these are printed on 100 Lb gloss book paper which is a fine thick glossy paper with Aqueous coating for an elegant look. Enjoy the wholesale pricing!

CD Covers

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